Friends of Jim: please join us
Saturday, 31 March 2:30pm
at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills
Old North Church.
If you are unable to attend in person, please email for a link to the internet cast.
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Featured Short

USA, 2011
Technique: Flash CS5, After Effects CS3
Director: Jim Duffy

A young man arrives in town with an unexpected ending to his travels.

USA, 2008
Technique: Flash CS3, After Effects CS3, live action
Director: Vera Duffy

A royal taphomaniac just wants to meet new fiends!

Official Festival Selection, 2009: Video Festival Imperia (Italy), backup_festival (Germany), The Something Awesome Animated Short Film Festival (USA), SICAF:Choice, Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival (Republic of Korea), Cambofest (Cambodia). Semi-finalist, Miss Horrorfest III competition (USA). Screened at The Tomorrow Show

Dancing Girl
USA, 2001
Technique: Flash 5
Director: Vera Duffy
: 16KB

A happy girl dances and dances and dances and dances...
Dancing Girl 2008
USA, 2008
Technique: Flash 5, After Effects CS3
Director: Vera Duffy
: 209KB

A happy girl dances and dances and dances and dances into a new era...

England, 1973, 6 mins.
Technique: 2-D cell (ink & paint)
Director: Jim Duffy
: 4.6MB

A little man tries to get rid of his dandruff with unexpected results.

Official Festival Selection: Annecy (France), Lucca (Italy)

England, 1971, 4 mins.
Technique: 2-D cell (ink & marker)
Director: Jim Duffy
: 18.76MB

A little man digs a hole in the ground with unexpected results.

Official Festival Selection: Oberhausen (Germany), Annecy (France)

Enter the Diva
USA, 1996, 5 min. 25 sec.
Technique: 16mm film
Director: Barbara Ann Duffy
: 4.3MB

A birthday girl gets her wish with unexpected results.

The Greatest Time Lapse Film Cliches
USA, 2007, 1 min. 7 sec.
Technique: Flash MX, After Effects, Final Cut Pro
Director: Vera Duffy
Music: Todd Spahr

A flower blooms, the Earth is created, a hotdog decays...

Premiered at The Tomorrow Show. Screened at Garage Comedy.
Hi Charlyne Yi!
USA, 2005, 1 min. 50 sec.
Technique: Flash MX
Director: Vera Duffy
Writers: Amy Seimetz, Charlyne Yi, Ann Maddox
Designer: Ann Maddox
Music: Machu Picchu
: 3.9MB

Machu Picchu's tale of three girls and a lot of bloods.

Premiered at Machu Picchu's UCB show. Screened at Garage Comedy, UCB presents & Filet O'Film.

The Legend of A Twin Princesses
USA, 2002, 2 min. 5 sec.
Technique: Flash 5
Director: Vera Duffy
Music: Jeff Kettle
: 279KB

The two cutest Twincesses(tm) in the world fall on hard times -- but this is only the beginning.

Premiered at the 2003 Silver Lake Film Festival's "Cine Oblique" showcase. Screened at Cabaret Voltaire, the Tomorrow Show & Garage Comedy.

"Charming" --Guy Maddin

No Sale
USA, 2001, 32 sec.
Technique: Flash 5
Director: Vera Duffy
: 75KB

A joke, as told by Patton Oswalt to Blaine Capatch to me.

Take A Break:30
USA, 2005, 1 min.
Technique: Toonboom v2.5
Director: Jim Duffy
: 2MB

The conductor of a prison orchestra makes a request with unexpected results.

England, 1971, 4 min. 50 sec.
2-D cell (ink & marker)
Director: Jim Duffy
: 3.7MB, 11MB

A young man waits at a bus stop with unexpected results.

Twincesses "Tooth on the Loose" (lost scene)
USA, 2007, 20 sec.
Technique: Flash MX, After Effects
Director: Vera & Barbara Duffy

Long lost scene from the "Tooth on the Loose" episode of Twincesses, found in a dumpster.

What Christmas Means To Me
France & USA, 2005, 3 min 33 sec.
Technique: Flash MX
Directors: Vera Duffy & Barbara Ann Duffy
Music: Bill Ungerman
: 2.4MB, 8.6MB

Children of Saint Aidan's Primary School in Hornsey, London share their unique views on a popular holiday.

"An amazing live-action/animated short that almost puts Roger Rabbit to shame." - ZZalgern0n

Premiered at Garage Comedy's 2005 Christmas Show. Screened at the Tomorrow Show & James Adomian's UCB Holiday show.


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